Steel Service Center has established three production lines, two for beams and one for plates. Both are computer controlled through a continuous on-line connection.


The production line for plates consists of seven machines.

  • ESAB Suprarex SXEP-25000 Flame Cutter
  • ESAB Suprarex SXE-P4000 Plasma Cutter
  • Ficep Tipo B25
  • Ficep Tipo D8
  • Ficep Tipo A31
  • Ficep P 1104P
  • Indumac 2 m-Shear
  • Ficep Kronos 32HP

They can process plates from 1mm to 100mm thickness. This process can include: cutting, drilling, marking, formation of threads, bevel cutting and special work (milling, hole cleaning). Production capacity is 20 t/day.


The production line for beams consists of nine machines supplied by FICEP Italy.

  • HP16T6
  • 1203DJBV
  • 1004DZTT
  • 601 DDB
  • 453 DXB
  • 1103DFB (2 machines)
  • 1203 DJB
  • 1204 DJRC

They can process beams up to 1250 mm height and angles starting from 30x30x3. This process can include: cutting, drilling, marking, taping, special cuts (bevel cutting and upper and lower flange cutting) as well as special work (such as milling, hole cleaning). Production capacity is 80 t/day.

Shotblasting – Priming

All products can be shotblasted and primed in two pre-heated closed-circuit tunnels for shotblasting and painting and in two drying furnaces supplied by OMSG and SAVIM Italy and Wheelabrator Germany. The shotblasting quality is Sa 2.5. The coat primer can be chosen by the customer, if necessary.